The Email Superpower

Do you spend too much time writing emails?

Want to grow your network?

Don't know what to write?

Can't think of another reason to (re-)connect?

What you need are these proven Email Templates. This ultimate collection contains all of the email types you need to boost your business and retain your clients. Think of this guide as your secret key to mastering your email correspondence with ease.

This collection includes the most successful strategies for fostering and growing your network.  (and many other situations)

Never Waste Time on Email Again!

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Over 50 Email Templates Every Small Business Needs

You send emails all day, why would you need this?

(1) Your emails aren't working and you want some inspiration to change things up
(2) You want new strategies on what will make your email be effective
(3) You don't know what to write and just want to use an email template that has been proven to work

Here is exactly what you'll get:

Following Up After a Convention/Expo/Conference   
Post Convention Follow Up   
Event follow-up and offer to give a referral    
Post event follow-up  

Client Contact Follow-ups    
Appointment follow-up    
Following up after a brief meet up   
Checking in after  previous  conversation   
Late response   

General Follow-ups / Opportunities to Re-connect    
Multiple choice    
Follow-up – Season    
General Check-in    
Simple Check-in    
Happy Birthday Greeting   
Happy New Year    
Asking about a family member   
Mutual Friend    
Asking about business    
Article to share   
Coffee invitation   
The Muffin    
The Silent Giver    
Asking for information  
Asking for a favor    

Follow up on previous email or voicemail   
Following Up On Email I  
Following Up On Email II    
Post-voicemail follow-up I    
Post-voicemail follow-up II    

You want action 
Get an action performed ASAP    
You are unclear about next steps    
Summarizing the phone call/meeting and laying out the action steps 

Unhappy Customers/Clients    
Failed to meet Customer’s/Client’s expectations    
You messed up  

Asking for Testimonials  
Asking for a testimonial No 1    
Asking for a testimonial No 2    
 Asking for a testimonial No 3    
Feedback Request I    
Feedback Request II    

Asking for a referral (coffee incentive)    
Ask for a referral from a customer I    
Ask for a referral from a customer II    

Asking for Recommendation Letter/ Letter of Reference   
Asking for recommendation letter from acquaintance    
Asking for recommendation letter from someone you never met 

Reacting to Losing a Proposal    
What could I have done differently?    
Thank-you  email  for being considered    

Reacting to Winning a Proposal    
Let’s go  
Let’s go (if you can’t meet) 

Introducing yourself    
Ask for an Introduction    
Introducing two people to each other    

Saying No    
Saying no to a discount
Saying no to an invitation

You could be done already!

In the time it took you to scroll down here  you could have sent your first email. An email that could have convinced a prospect, strengthened a relationship with a client or closed the deal. How much is your time worth?